Seaming Adhesive For Synthetic Grass Surfaces. A tough, elastic, single component, moisture
curing hybrid adhesive for the installation of
artificial grass surfaces. Designed for bonding synthetic grass carpets to a variety of substrates or jointing tapes. It is a superior ad suitable for use inside and out, in all w conditions, including damp and cold s
Has excellent bonding properties even on surfaces and is fully resistant once cur climatic conditions. Rapid cure time ev low temperatures. Remains fully elastic can be overpainted once dry with water b paints. Simple application for artificial lawn construction, sports surfaces
and repair situations. Applied to one surface, the adhesive exhibits high bond strength.

Uses: For joining two lengths of artificial lawn together, used in conjunction with specialist jointing strips or tape.

Coverage: On a typical seam, one cartridge should cover approximately

4 linear metres of jointing tape.

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BDAPROGN, (green).
Bar Code: 5060021370600
Size: EU3
Box Qty: 12


For Synthetic Grass Surfaces.
A laminated geotextile tape for jointing Artificial grass carpets. Strong, rot resistant, impervious to moisture, this tape is 2 plys of non- woven fabric bonded together with a strong adhesive. The back layer has a smooth impervious surface whilst the top face has a more open structure to aid bonding to our Astro Pro Adhesive.

Uses: Designed for use with Astro Pro Adhesive and suitable for all tufted or needlepunch artificial grass carpets.

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BDAST200, (white).
Bar Code: 5060021371980
Size: 200mm x 100 metres



Hybrid Polymer


Stable paste

Curing system

Moisture curing

Curing in 24 hours




Skinning Time

approx 10 minutes

Elongation at break



(DIN 53505)

40 ± 4 Shore A



-30oC to +95oC



+10oC to +30oC

* Individual products may vary, please refer to Technical Data Sheets (downloadable from for specific performance details.


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Not all sealants are the same

Sealants tend to be produced using one of two base materials
– silicone or polyurethane. What a hybrid sealant does then is simple: it combines the benefits of both a silicone and polyurethane sealant into one ‘hybrid’ product.

Big on benefits

These ‘best of both worlds’ hybrid sealants and adhesives offer excellent adhesion to a huge array of substrates which includes metal, plastic, wood and ceramic. They also tend to cure quicker than conventional sealants, offer good paintability and generally do not bleed into or stain porous substrates. It also makes them less prone to picking up dirt as a skin forms quickly and they are ideal for use on porous surfaces. They exhibit a high level of elastic recovery, good tensile strength, strong movement capabilities and can be applied in cold weather.
Bond It’s PRO RANGE offers safer, better and more durable alternatives to traditional products, with reduced environmental impact. Some of the key advantages in using Bond It hybrid products include:
• Enhanced weather resistance and durability, so no cracking, splitting, discolouration or adhesion failure.
• Stain resistance: these products do not stain or bleed, making them ideal for porous surfaces. Also reduces dirt pick up.
• Paintability: can be over painted unlike traditional silicones with water based paints.
• Adhesion: has excellent adhesion properties to various substrates including metals, plastics, wood and ceramics.
• Cure rate: tools and cures quicker than traditional products.

Moving forward

As we develop and refine our technology, the PRO RANGE will expand to include new products which we will make available to the professional and DIY markets.


High strength adhesive and sealant.
A highly popular hybrid sealant, GRIP PRO also doubles as a universal const adhesive. A one part, chemically c solvent-free sealant and adhesive com the best qualities of silicone and polyur technologies. Developed specifically adhering most common building surfac both each other and themselves. Its enorm versatility can actually help merchants reduce stockholding as well as demands hard-pressed merchandising space.
For use in areas requiring a tough el rubber joint or as an adhesive with superior bonding strength. A high quality sealant and adhesive suitable
for internal and external use, in all weather conditions. Has excellent adhesion even on wet surfaces. Quick curing, weather resistant, isocyanate, solvent and acid-free making it safer to use. Remains fully elastic.

Uses: Suitable for filling and sealing connecting joints, cracks, holes, etc in the building sector. For bonding metal to metal (can absorb vibration), and as a truly universal waterproof construction adhesive for bonding concrete, ceramics, mirrors, bricks, gypsum board, PVC, polycarbonates, polystyrene, porcelain, many plastics, ceramics, glass, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel and wood.

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BDMSPWH, (white).
Bar Code: 5060021364784


Super strength adhesive for a stronger and longer lasting bond.
Specially developed to spearhead the hybrid family of adhesives and sealants. With high initial grab and excellent longer lasting bond strength, it is the ultimate power adhesive product cartridge. It typically has double the initial
of most grab adhesives, eliminating the for mechanical support in most applica GRIPBOND PRO MAX displays a typical b strength of 250Kg/m2 and remains perman elastic, allowing for movement that will affect the bond once cured. It is suitable use both internally and externally, in
all weather conditions, and even on wet surfaces. It is also quick curing, weather resistant, isocyanate, solvent and acid-free making it safer to use. Has good water and salt water resistance and is chemically resistant to dilute acids and alkalis.

Uses: Suitable for use on metal, wood, glass, stone, brick, polystyrene, concrete, plasterboard, insulation board, ceramics, many plastics, Perspex, polyester, MDF, chipboard, OSB and timber panels plus many more surfaces.

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BDPPROWH, (white).
Bar Code: 5060021371409
Size: EU3
Box Qty: 12


Adhesive for mirrors and glass products.
A one part, chemically curing solvent-free adhesive for use on mirrors, glass and ceramics. It is non-corrosive so will not attack mirror backings. It has outstanding resistance to heat and humidity, has
excellent primerless adhesion to surfaces, will stick to damp sur and provide a high resistan mildew and mould growth.

Uses: For internal bonding of m glazed surfaces, PVCu, cer enamel, metals, polycarbonate treated/untreated wood to m substrates without priming. Do not use in fixing of safety mirrors or in the manufacture

of structural glass.

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BDMPROWH, (white).
Bar Code: 5060021371416
Size: EU3
Box Qty: 12


Wood Flooring Adhesive
A permanently flexible, one part, internal wood flooring adhesive. Designed to fix all types of wooden floors to all common substrates. Reduces the risk of warping or curling the wood due to its moisture and solvent-free composition.

Uses: For internal bonding of most wood floor types

BDMSPGR, (grey).
Bar Code: 5060021364876
BDMSPBL, (black).
Bar Code: 5060021364883


250 KG/M2



to almost every common
substrate. Compatible with under-floor heating systems.

Coverage: Depending on substrate the approximate

BDMSPCL, (clear).
Bar Code: 5060021364944
Size: EU3


coverage rates will be 1m2
per cartridge.

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The latest addition to the range is Easiseal Pro: the ultimate alternative to bitumen based roofing membranes. Available Summer 2017. See for more details.
Box Qty: 12

Note: this product is not recommended for installations where joints are permanently immersed in water.






BDWPROBF, (buff).
Bar Code: 5060021369802
Size: EU3
Box Qty: 12