CE Marking/ Declaration of Performance

From 1 July 2013, the CE Marking of construction products covered by harmonised European Standards (hEN) is legally required.

The EU Construction Products Regulation (No. 305/2011) (CPR) lays down the harmonised conditions for the sale and supply of construction products and is directly applicable in its entirety into UK law. The CPR replaces the existing Construction Products Directive (CPD) which was previously voluntary for products sold in the UK.

The CPR harmonises the methods of testing and assessment of products through the harmonised European Standards and creates a solid technical basis for manufacturers to test their products, and provides a consistant manner for the information to be expressed.

Using these standards, the manufacturer is then in a position to make a declaration of performance (DoP) of their product, as defined in the CPR. The DoP gives the manufacturer the opportunity to deliver the information about the essential characteristics of their product they want to deliver to the market.

On the basis of the information contained in the DoP, the user will decide to buy, amongst all the products available on the market, the one which is fit for the use he intends to give to such product and he assumes the full responsibility of such decision. For more information please visit https://www.gov.uk/ce-marking

Below are the Declaration of Performance documents for Bond It products sold in the UK which meet a harmonised European Standard. Please click on a link below to view the declarations of performance for our products.

Silicones & Sealants

Bath Mate Bathroom and Kitchen Sealant

Frame-Mate Door and Window Sealant

Gripbond Pro Hybrid Adhesive and Sealant

GP200 General Purpose Silicone

HA6 RTV Marine Silicone

Flash-Mate Lead Sealant

Lami-Mate Silicone

LN7 Silicone

Multi-Mate Multi Purpose Silicone

Pro-Mate Glazing Silicone

PU18 Polyurethane Adhesive and Sealant

The One Silicone

Ulti-Mate Builders Silicone

WP70 Oxime Silicone

WP100 Oxime Silicone

Xtreme Sanitary Silicone

ZM10 Zero Meko Silicone

Compounds, Chemicals & Adhesives


Cem Quik

Levelling Compounds

One Coat Render

Powdered Cement Dyes

Tanking Slurry

Tile Adhesives


Damp Proof Courses