Technical Team


Research and development is a key factor in the Bond It strategy to perform and deliver quality building products to the construction market.

Our Technical Team in Elland strive to deliver a high performance, innovative range of materials fit for purpose at a competitive price. Headed up by our newly appointed Technical Manager, Dr Kayleigh Cox-Nowak, an industry expert for over 6 years. Kayleigh has re-structured her Team to implement a continued development programme to assess and formulate products that out perform the competition. Kayleigh, a Dr in Polymer Chemistry, has been instrumental in delivering products such as water-resistant adhesives and high performance sealants.

Sam Broadhead, Chemist, having been with Bond It since 2015 is now responsible for our range of water and solvent-based products, as well as taking over the silicone compounding and hybrid development. In addition to looking for improvements she can make to the Bond It product range, Sam has been responsible for the development of our Incredibond SF Adhesive, Alkyd floor paint and One-part wood fillers. She also works closely with production to refine our manufacturing processes.

Toni Neale, QC Chemist, recently joined Bond It after taking a career break to raise her son. Having previously worked in the coatings industry she has a strong background in QC and has already made her mark on the department, ensuring our products continue to meet the highest levels of quality and ISO requirements.

Dale Diamond, Chemist, has only recently started at Bond It in early 2019. Having previously worked within the polymer science industry, as well as the homecare and aerosol technologies industries, he brings to the team his knowledge and experience within these sectors. Dale is already working on improvements to our range of fillers, solvent-free adhesives and cleaning wipes.

Nathan Looke, placement student, is here for one year as part of his chemistry degree. Nathan is involved in all aspects of the lab, including product development and quality control, gaining a wide range of experience. Nathan is also involved with improvements to the formulation of our Pro Range of sealants and adhesives.

Together our Technical Team have it covered. With a daily programme of tweaking and honing formulations as well as developing new ideas and technology, we aim to offer the right selection of products, with outstanding performance characteristics to an ever changing and evolving market place.