Roof Seal Liquid Membrane


Seal It Roof Seal Liquid Membrane System is a one coat roof sealer that comprises a highly reflective liquid applied hybrid coating formulated to a solvent free, non-flammable formulation for professional roofing applications.



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Based on hybrid technology, Seal It Liquid Membrane has high elasticity, even under climatic weather variations. It does not harden under cold conditions and has very high stability to temperature variations (from 50 degrees C to +120 degrees C), to UV radiation and to external chemical attack. Excellent resistance to ageing, ultraviolet and discolouration. Under test conditions, Seal It Liquid Membrane has superb thermal properties and outperforms black bitumen by 36% at just 0.8mm thickness, it is also 11.3% more efficient than solar reflective paint which helps reduce energy costs.

Used in conjunction with a primer (required when laying over felt or bitumen, accelerator and reinforcing mat, where required, the system gives the ultimate alternative to bitumen based and GRP waterproofing roof membranes for all existing roof substrates.

- No specialist training required

- Simple one coat application

- Breathable

- Adheres to all common building substrates

- Solvent-free and non-flammable

- Helps reduce energy costs

- All weather application

- Permanently flexible

- Rain safe in 15 minutes

- Withstands chemical attack

- Can be used at temperatures below 5oC if used in conjunction with Seal It Accelerator.

- Made in the UK


Offering primerless adhesion on a wide variety of building and roofing surfaces, such as metal, treated and untreated wood, brick, stone, polyester, glass, lead, bitumen coating*, roof tiles, plastics, polycarbonate, concrete, without heating or bonding. Ideal for repairing flat roofs, pitch roofs (less than 10 degrees), leaking flashing, guttering and roof lights and cracked roofing panels, chimney stacks, corrugated or plate roofing materials, zinc, steel, fibre cement and fa├žade panels creating an impermeable seal to repel water damage and provide resistance to degradation from natural weathering like rain, snow and sunlight. Also suitable for zinc guttering, down pipes, ventilation ducts, etc.

Can be used on bitumen coatings and roofing felt, ONLY when primed with ROOF SEAL BLEED BLOCKER BEFORE APPLICATION (see technical data sheet for primer instructions).

Long Lasting Durability: Seal It Liquid Membrane, laid to the correct specification and all application instructions followed and adhered to, will provide long lasting durability and be free from proven product defects for a period of up to 25 years. For further information please speak to the Bond It Technical team. For further information please speak to the Bond It Technical team.